Super Stepfamily Workshop

Whether you are preparing for a new marriage, or have been parenting a blended family for years, having a thriving stepfamily is a process! Imagine if instead of surviving, you were able to become a “Super Stepfamily?” Rebecca Townsend, a Licensed Psychological Counselor and step-mother of two, will guide and train you in techniques you can use to improve the communication, reduce stress, and build a greater sense of peace in your home. Become the “Super Stepfamily” you have always wanted to be!

The Super Stepfamily Workshop is a 4 hour group, including application breakouts with a working lunch. You will know more about each other as co-parents and partners through growing in confidence for your blended family.

This workshop will give you fresh skills, new insights, and a safe place to work out real problems and challenges. You will leave with strategies to feel more at connected at home, create boundaries to protect your marriage, reduce stress and anxiety, and discover ways to nurture yourself as a step parent or biological co-parent.

Contact Rebecca with any questions you have, or Purchase Below to register for one of the upcoming Super Stepfamily Workshops.

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